Membership Benefits

Connect with over 1500 individuals at hundreds of Foundations, Grantmaking and other Philanthropic organizations and 525 Nonprofit Partners in Massachusetts, and tap into Philanthropy Massachusetts’ national network, the United Philanthropy Forum (formerly The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers) with thousands of Grantmaker members throughout the U.S. Benefits include FREE access to events and services!

Your foundation may also be a member of national associations and affinity groups, but belonging to a regional association provides greater collaboration and strength in the philanthropic sector and our communities. 

Learning Opportunities: Philanthropy Massachusetts provides briefings throughout the year presented by thought-leaders and experts on sub-sector issues.

  • In-person and webinar presentations and panel discussions on issues in health, education, human services, environment, arts & culture, youth and families, and more
  • Best practice sessions, professional development and trainings for staff and trustees
  • We are home to donor collaboratives such as the Summer Fund, Census 2020 and others

Networking: Philanthropy Massachusetts serves as a valuable connector for funders to meet around shared interests, learn from each other, and develop partnerships and collaboration.

  • Attend Regional meetings, by Role at your organization, and/or with similar Types of organizations such Family, Public, Corporate and Private Foundations
  • Family Foundation Roundtables; Community Foundations Roundtables; Grantmakers of Color convenings; regional meetings in Western MA, Greater Lowell, MetroWest, and more.
  • Connect to funder collaboratives and affinity groups in philanthropy, locally, regionally and nationally

Resources and Research: Philanthropy Massachusetts extends your capacity by providing access to resources, research, news and information enabling you to be more effective and informed in your grantmaking.

  • Submit a research request to Philanthropy Massachusetts on benchmarking your giving, policies, expenditures, etc.
  • Community Foundations Services - a Legal Help Desk provides quick answers to legal questions related to the operation of a community foundation, a New England Listserv connecting to a national listserv, and Community Foundation Boot Camps
  • Database of Requests for Proposals
  • The Common Proposal and Common Report Forms
  • Include your profile in Philanthropy Massachusetts’ Grant Maker Directory (1900+ funders giving in MA and NH)
  • Free use of our Conference meeting space for your Trustee meetings and more
  • Publicize your news, updates, events and activities, and stay on top of trends, reports and news in philanthropy via and our bi-weekly Member InfoNet e-newsletter

Voice for the Sector: Philanthropy Massachusetts serves as a strong voice and advocate with media and representatives at the local, city and state level. Your foundation may also be a member of national associations and affinity groups, but belonging to a regional association provides greater collaboration and strength in the philanthropic sector and our communities.

Support for Nonprofit Organizations: Over 525 organizations are enrolled in Philanthropy Massachusetts’ Nonprofit Partners Program and hundreds more take part in our Meet the Donors series, attend technical assistance and capacity building workshops, and access our Grant Maker Directory, the Foundation Center Directory Online and research assistance on fund development.  

Discounts and Other Benefits
Exponent Philanthropy is the country’s largest association of grantmakers—nearly 2,000 members strong—and the only one dedicated to serving funders who practice philanthropy with few or no staff. Their vibrant network has in common lean operations and a style of philanthropy motivated by personal passion, community needs, and the strong desire for better outcomes. They provide high-quality and cost-effective programs, resources, and connections that maximize lean funders’ impact on diverse communities and causes. 

Through your Philanthropy Massachusetts' membership, funders who are not yet members of Exponent Philanthropy are eligible for a $100 discount on the first year of an Exponent Philanthropy’s Signature membership (regular rate is $750).  You are also eligible to purchase the following Exponent Philanthropy flagship publications at a 20% discount.
Use discount code: MASS20 to take advantage of these offers.

  • The Foundation Guidebook - This signature publication is written especially for newcomers to foundations or philanthropy. Gain the baseline knowledge to operate your foundation, including board responsibilities, tax and legal issues, administrative details, investment matters, grantmaking basics, and more. 
  • The Trustee Handbook - A comprehensive resource for foundation trustees and key staff, you’ll find detailed guidance on foundation governance, grantmaking, tax and legal issues, and financial oversight and investments.
  • Foundation Operations and Management Report - Exponent Philanthropy’s flagship report includes more than 60 pages of mission-critical benchmarking data about foundations’ boards & governance, investments, administration, and grantmaking.

More information and to purchase publications
More information about membership benefits

Benefits through United Philanthropy Forum 
Members also receive discounts and access to these services, thanks to Philanthropy Massachusetts' membership with the United Philanthropy Forum. Click here for more information on these benefits. Receive discounts and access to services (some of these benefits are available to our network thanks to our membership with United Philanthropy Forum):

  • Alliance Magazine 
  • Bromelkamp Company
  • ClickTime
  • D&O Insurance
  • The Foundation Review
  • GuideStar
  • Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center
  • PhilanTrack 
  • ReadyTalk
  • RingCentral 
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review


Organizations with grant making and advising as their primary focus of activity, which are accessible to the public and open to a reasonable range of nonprofits, are eligible for membership, including the following:

  • Bank charitable trust departments
  • Community foundations
  • Corporate foundations and giving programs
  • Governmental funding agencies
  • Philanthropic research centers
  • Operating foundations
  • Philanthropic advisory services
  • Private, independent and family foundations
  • Public foundations.
  • Wealth Management companies

Annual membership support covers the calendar year, may be provided in the form of a grant, and is based on grants made annually in Massachusetts. 

General – Basic membership for grant making foundations and corporate giving programs. 

Circle of Champions – Members willing to lead as supporters of the philanthropic field and provide additional support for Philanthropy Massachusetts operations. (Membership dues only cover 60% of Philanthropy Massachusetts' operating budget.)  

Associate – You must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Emerging or new foundations in pre-grant making status
  • Philanthropic advisory services
  • Foundations with primary offices located in states outside Massachusetts that are members of the regional association in the state or region where they are based.

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To discuss how Grantmaker, Foundation and Philanthropic Advisor membership might best fit your grant making organization, please contact Philanthropy Massachusetts CEO Jeff Poulos at 617.426.2606 x113 or by email.

Download the Membership Packet, which outlines Member Dues and includes a Membership Form to join.

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