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Support for Education, Health & Human Services, Youth, & Affordable Housing Programs

The role of the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation is to support not-for-profit groups, institutions, schools and other organizations as a way of adding to the quality of life for people living in the Community in which Belmont Savings Bank serves. In addition to traditional community contributions, the Foundation has identified four primary areas that it will emphasize in supporting.

Education: Initiatives at the primary, secondary and post secondary school levels that raise the aspirations of students in the Community and enhance knowledge in specific areas such as economics, communications, business and public speaking, as well as initiatives that support the education process.

Health and Human Services: Programs that are essential to the underlying medical care of the Community, as well as initiatives that focus on physical and mental wellness. We would additionally make efforts to inform the hospitals and similar facilities that serve our region and market area of our Foundation and its purpose.

Youth Programs: Programs that assist in improving the quality of life for children in the Community or programs that foster education, learning and leadership.

Affordable Housing: Programs that provide, or encourage the creation of, affordable and/or low income housing in the Community. 

Eligibility for Grants

  • Grants from the Foundation are generally awarded quarterly. Applications are accepted year round.
  • Awards are generally limited to use in the communities served by the Bank.
  • Grant recipients must demonstrate Section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(1) status and relevance to the Foundation’s areas of giving.
  • The Foundation does not provide financial support for political organizations or candidates, activities for religious purposes, contributions to individual endeavors or scholarships.

When applying for grants from the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation, the following information must be included:

  • Organizational Summary (Mission, Goals, Objectives)
  • Specific purpose of funds requested
  • Need for the project / service in the community
  • Amount requested and overall project budget (when applicable)
  • Most recent audit report or financial statements
  • How the success of the use of funds will be evaluated / measured
  • Status of grant activity from other organizations including approvals, denials and pending applications
  • Information on the organization’s Executive Director

Apply for a Grant

Please send the completed Grant Application and other required documentation to:

Belmont Savings Bank Foundation
Attn: Jessica Suttle
2 Leonard Street
Belmont, MA 02478

Questions may be directed to the Foundation by phone at 617-489-1246, or by email. Contact the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation team for more information or stop by one of our branch locations for additional information.

For more information, the application, and the complete RFP, please visit: http://www.belmontsavingsfoundation.com/belmont-savings-bank-foundation-grants

Post date: Jun 7 2017 - 11:00am
Deadline: Rolling
Program Interest: Community Development

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